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Should I Tweet?

It was a great pleasure to be invited to speak at the AAF Greenville meeting today. Below are some further resources related to the presentation I gave:

These are the slides I used for the presentation, but scroll down for a more basic introduction to Twitter and tips for getting started.

This brief video is a basic and simple explanation of twitter:

This is another explanation of Twitter.

See also a collection of links that should help you get started on Twitter, from Pistachio consulting.

Once you understand how to use the tool, here are some blog posts I wrote with more tips to get you started:

Step 1 – Beginners’ guide
Step 2 – Advice on how to Twitter: Good tweets are…
Step 3 – How to find people to follow on Twitter

Last but not least, I mentioned at least one blog you should be reading: Chris Brogan’s.

Should you need step-by-step instructions on setting up Google Reader to keep track of RSS feeds, and an explanation of RSS feeds, you can find a screencast tutorial here.

If you need explanations of terms such as blog, blog roll, permalink, etc., they are explained here.

I hope you find these resources helpful,

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