Stay safe on Facebook

Just a quick (and cute) reminder to stay safe on Facebook, and to keep in mind that information in your profile is (duh!) shared with your Facebook friends:

I don’t have too much personal information in my profile (no home address), but most users share dates of birth and email addresses, which could be used to piece together the information an identity thief needs.

So, be careful who you friend on Facebook, and/or be careful to edit your profile so you don’t share information you don’t really mean to share. Click the “Edit my profile” link under your Facebook photo to access the screen pictured below, where you can check and edit the personal and contact information you wish to share:

FB profile edit

While you’re at it, read more about how you can change various privacy settings on Facebook (though these are changing) and make sure you know what you’re sharing with whom.

[Update Dec. 12 2009] Facebook has started rolling out their new privacy settings – or should I say “privacy,” since they’re recommending that you make all your Facebook content available to everyone on the Internet (yes, that’s everyone, including search engines). Please watch this video and take some time to make sure you make wise choices about your Facebook privacy settings: