Fall 2011 Courses

I get to teach my social media research seminar again this semester – what a treat! Needless to say, it is my favorite course, though I am happy to be in the classroom, no matter what I teach. You can follow along on the blog for TECH 621 – Research Focus: The Social Internet and on Twitter – #TECH621

I am also teaching the graduate interface usability course, CGT 512 – Human Factors of Computer Interface Design (#CGT512 on Twitter) It’s a fun and intense class, and once again, we have great research partners! We’ll be working with nanoHUB, LearnVest and iKneer.

It’s going to be a busy but FUN semester! Join me online and help me teach & learn in these classes!


Dr. V


Spring 2011 Course: Research focus: The social Internet

I’m offering my social media research seminar again in the spring semester. You can see last year’s syllabus on this wiki, but I am working on updating the course and making several changes.

TECH 621: Research Focus: The Social Internet

TECH 621 simulates an interdisciplinary think tank environment where students identify research questions and examine the impact of social media and social networking technologies on various aspects of society, business, culture, communication, web experience, and interface design.

The course integrates immersion in social media with consideration of several theoretical perspectives from diverse fields. Students complete an original research project customized to fit individual or team interests. The course encourages theoretical and methodological diversity.

During the Spring 2011 semester, the class will have access to proprietary online monitoring software for collecting and analyzing data.

Spring 2010 course: Social Media in the Workplace

Here is info about one of the courses I’m teaching in the Spring semester. The other one is Qualitative Research Methods for Technology Studies, TECH 621.

CGT 581: Social Media in the Workplace

Social media such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, wikis, and podcasts are radically changing several aspects of contemporary culture and society. But what happens when social media is brought inside organizations?

How does it affect productivity, collaboration, organizational structure and organizational culture?

Should social media be used within organizations, and if so, what are best practices?

In this course, we examine the use of social media in the workplace and conduct original research projects in order to derive conclusions about the optimal use of social media within organizations.

Students will learn how to:

1. Identify the best Web 2.0 tool fit for any specific task
2. Implement best practices for the use of social media in the workplace
3. Coordinate large group collaboration using social media
4. Make recommendations for social media use in specific organizational situations
5. Plan, implement, and assess social media adoption in the enterprise
6. Consider the interaction of social media and organizational culture
7. Identify the skills needed of leaders in the social media workplace
8. Implement leadership 2.0 skills