Career Launch Day

Clemson communication students, and area communication professionals: Mark your calendars for:

Career Launch Day

Wednesday, April 8 12-3 pm

Clemson House ballroom

What to expect:

  • internships
  • networking
  • career advice
  • resume critique

Students, please register here.

If you’re a communication professional (PR, journalism, etc.) and would like to participate, please register here.

This event is organized by 5 Clemson communication students, with financial help from Clemson Student Government, the Department of Communication Studies, and Clemson PRSSA.

Clemson Communication Intern Employer Day

If you’re within driving distance of Clemson, and need the help of a smart, motivated Communication student or graduate (did I mention Clemson students write really well?), please consider attending our

Clemson Communication Intern Employer Day

Date: April 8, 2009
Time: 12pm-3pm
Location: Poole-Shanklin Ballroom (Clemson House)
Seeking: Full-time, Part-time, and Interns
Lunch is included
Free of charge

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form.

Interview questions

On the PR network PROpenMic (if you haven’t joined yet, I think you should!), Phil Gomes, VP Edelman Digital answers questions from PR students & faculty. Below is the most recent video, in which Phil and a series of other Edelman employees answer the question:

What questions do you always ask in a job interview? Find more videos like this on PROpenMicIf you are a PR practitioner reading this, please add your favorite interview questions in the comments. If you’re a student, feel free to add an interesting/difficult interview question you have been asked in the past.

Interview with Phil Gomes

Dear PR & Communication students,

I’ve been saving the interview I did with Phil Gomes for the beginning of the semester, when you’re either more motivated to listen or you’ll listen because you need some motivation.

Phil Gomes, (@philgomes) is vice president of the me2revolution group within Edelman Public Relations. I interviewed him in November 2007 and asked him how you can succeed. One of Phil’s most interesting ideas is that of future-proofing your education – learning things that will still be useful in 10, 15, or 20 years from now. I think both students and educators will find this interview informative and motivational. Enjoy and let me know: How are you future-proofing your or your students’ education?


Cover Letters for PR job applications

Students often ask me about how to write a cover letter, so I thought I’d compile some tips & info:

A word of advice for students:

  • don’t ask professors how to write a cover letter. There’s so much information out there, show me you can teach yourself. You’ll ask me later to write a recommendation letter, and all I’ll be able to think about is how you couldn’t figure out something as simple as how to write a cover letter…
  • it’s OK to make an appointment and ask a trusted professor to look over your letter.
  • do make an appointment with Career Services and ask them to critique your resume and cover letter. They’re much more tuned in to the market than professors.

For faculty: here’s a guide on how to write a letter of recommendation.