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On the PR network PROpenMic (if you haven’t joined yet, I think you should!), Phil Gomes, VP Edelman Digital answers questions from PR students & faculty. Below is the most recent video, in which Phil and a series of other Edelman employees answer the question:

What questions do you always ask in a job interview? Find more videos like this on PROpenMicIf you are a PR practitioner reading this, please add your favorite interview questions in the comments. If you’re a student, feel free to add an interesting/difficult interview question you have been asked in the past.


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4 responses to “Interview questions”

  1. Belinda Bobko says :

    Very helpful for our interview sessions we hold with PR students!

  2. Liza jones says :

    I also like to ask, “What’s your least favorite part about PR and why?” I ask this because everyone’s prepared to tell me what they like about the industry — but we all have parts of our jobs that we don’t like as much. The answers help me determine what kind of worker you are: are you a slacker who only likes to do the easy stuff, do you only want to sit in ‘big picture’ meetings all day, but not do the day-to-day stuff, etc.?

  3. Beth Evans says :

    This is so incredibly helpful.

  4. Phil Gomes says :


    Thanks for embedding the vid! *8-)



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