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Thank you for stopping by. Contact me (mihaela dot vorvoreanu at gmail dot com; mihaela at purdue dot edu)  if you have any ideas about how we could work together. Here are mine:

Graduate school

If you are interested in getting a Master’s or PhD in Twitter ;), you’ve found the right person! I’m only halfway kidding. If you are interested in learning about and conducting social media research, or in any combination of the following topics: user-centered design, social media, PR/marketing, qualitative research methods,  you may enjoy working with me. You can work with me towards a Master’s degree in Computer Graphics Technology, Technology Leadership & Supervision or a Ph.D. in Technology Studies.

Guest talks

I often give guest talks to community and student groups on various topics  related to user-centered design, social media and public relations, social media strategy, personal online reputation management, etc.. I’d also be happy to talk about my research, if anyone would like to hear! You can contact me directly or book me through Purdue’s Speakers Bureau.

Consulting and training

I only have time for this during summers, but I occasionally provide consulting and training to organizations on topics related to UX and social media marketing. Should you have a need, you can contact me directly, or apply to get assistance through Purdue’s Technical Assistance Program (only for organizations in the state of Indiana).

Usability research, testing, heuristic inspection

User Experience is one of my main areas of interest, and I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in interface theory and design, from a user-centered perspective. You can request my assistance if you have usability research needs (formative, that will help you create requirements for a product, or evaluative), or you can inquire about partnering with one of my classes. Contact me directly or apply through Purdue’s Technical Assistance Program.

Student interns

Ask if I can help you find a student to work with you. In the CGT department, we have talented students who are skilled in UX, Web design and programming, creating graphics, both 2D and 3D, as well as 3D animations (both characters and for construction).


If you are conducting scholarly research and are interested in collaborating on a project, please count me in! I’d like to say I have solid research skills, I’m comfortable with planning research that’s grounded in theory, and conducting both usability and qualitative research. My theoretical background comes from communication, persuasion, and public relations, but it is becoming quite eclectic and includes various social science research related to HCI and social media. I’m a humanist, so I can help you with the people-side 🙂 of your research project.

Of course, I’m open to your ideas about how we can work together!

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