SNCR Closing keynote: The transformational power of blogging

Closing keynote: Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer

BlogHer network survey + U.S. representative female online users.

Key findings:

blogs are mainstream

  • 53% of US online women read blogs
  • statistically the same as IM, photo sharing, etc.

blogs are addictive

  • regardless of age, once engaged, blogging is daily part of life
  • over 20% of blogosphere participants spend less time consuming traditional media
  • 3 categories: readers/lurkers; active publishers/commenters; readers/commenters

blogs are trusted

  • for new information
  • for advice & recommendations
  • for making purchase decisions

What do women find in blogs? They are experiencing the unique, transformational power of blogging. Blogs are changing the way we:

Blogs empower people. Do companies empower people?

People don’t trust institutions, they trust each other. What are companies doing to be trustworthy?

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