“Yet I believe that school should be a safe place, the way home is supposed to be. A place where you belong, where you can grow and express yourself freely, where you know and care for the other people and are known and cared for by them, a place where people come before information and ideas. School needs to comprehend the relationship between the subject matter and the lives of students, between teaching and the lives of teachers, between school and home.” (J. Tompkins, A Life in School, p. 127)

“Fear is what prevents the flowering of the mind.” (Krishnamurthi)

(Thank you, Cheryl, for pointing out these quotations to me 🙂

How much of what you do, or what the people who work for you do, is motivated by fear?

2 thoughts on “Fear”

  1. I wish Skype would have cooperated with us on Sunday for the book club discussion!

    I agree…it boils down to fear of the unknown. I found the first half of the book essential to understanding how fear develops and is nurtured in old school thought. We must change the context of our processes.

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