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I just thought of creating a list of academics with twitter accounts, so, if you are one and would like to be on the list, post a comment here including your twitter user name and your area (i.e.: Communication, Public Relations) as well as any other information you’d like to list.

Here, I’ll start:

Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu
Communication Studies: Public Relations, Emerging communication technologies
Clemson University, Department of Communication Studies

I’ll disseminate the list on PROpenMic and here.

WHY? So we can learn together about twitter in higher education.

[update: Barbara Nixon has already started a list of PR profs on twitter. Might as well put your name in both places if you teach PR. This list is for all subjects, from PR & Communication to… Mechanical Engineering.]

11 thoughts on “Profs on twitter”

  1. Hey Mihaela,

    Great idea. Thanks for doing this.

    I’m @rdfrench on Twitter. My updates are protected, but I really just do that to keep them from being indexed by Google and other search engines. I’ll certainly follow all faculty and let them follow me, too.

  2. @martinwilliams

    Jean Martin-Williams
    Professor of Music and Director, Lilly Teaching Fellows
    University of Georgia

  3. Bill Handy @billhandy
    Oklahoma State University
    Public Relations Courses: Media Relations, Social Media, Research and Campaigns and PR Mngt and Strategies

    Research: Social media, Emerging Communications

    Created the Oklahoma Social Media Club ( @osmc

    Owner of the Dog Dish (With my wife and three dogs) @dogdish

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