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I just thought of creating a list of academics with twitter accounts, so, if you are one and would like to be on the list, post a comment here including your twitter user name and your area (i.e.: Communication, Public Relations) as well as any other information you’d like to list.

Here, I’ll start:

Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu
Communication Studies: Public Relations, Emerging communication technologies
Clemson University, Department of Communication Studies

I’ll disseminate the list on PROpenMic and here.

WHY? So we can learn together about twitter in higher education.

[update: Barbara Nixon has already started a list of PR profs on twitter. Might as well put your name in both places if you teach PR. This list is for all subjects, from PR & Communication to… Mechanical Engineering.]



11 responses to “Profs on twitter”

  1. Tina McCorkindale says :

    Asst. Prof, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (AKA Cal Poly Pomona)

    Areas: reputation, credibility, social media

  2. Elizabeth Albrycht says :



    Institut Superieur de Communications: International PR, New Technologies in Communications

    Paris School of Business: eBusiness, CRM

  3. Robert French says :

    Hey Mihaela,

    Great idea. Thanks for doing this.

    I’m @rdfrench on Twitter. My updates are protected, but I really just do that to keep them from being indexed by Google and other search engines. I’ll certainly follow all faculty and let them follow me, too.

  4. Brigitta Brunner says :


    Associate Professor

    Teaching Area PR

    Auburn University

  5. Alex Halavais says :

    Asst. Prof of Interactive Communication
    Quinnipiac University

  6. Jean Martin-Williams says :


    Jean Martin-Williams
    Professor of Music and Director, Lilly Teaching Fellows
    University of Georgia

  7. Mark E. Johnson says :

    Lecturer, Photojournalism and Multimedia Journalism
    Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
    University of Georgia

  8. Kelli Matthews says :

    Kelli Matthews
    Instructor of Public Relations
    University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications

    Instructor and a PR pro/consultant (co-own a boutique agency: and corresponding blog at:

  9. Bill Handy says :

    Bill Handy @billhandy
    Oklahoma State University
    Public Relations Courses: Media Relations, Social Media, Research and Campaigns and PR Mngt and Strategies

    Research: Social media, Emerging Communications

    Created the Oklahoma Social Media Club ( @osmc

    Owner of the Dog Dish (With my wife and three dogs) @dogdish

  10. kaye sweetser says :

    @kaye (protected to only those known personally, though)
    Public Relations: social media, online political PR
    University of Georgia, Ad/PR Dept

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