There’s no reason in 2008 not to do what you love

If you’re offended by a couple of dirty words, don’t watch this. Nah, watch it anyway. It’s Gary Vaynerchuk‘s keynote speech at Web 2.0 Expo (via Tod Defren), it’s about entrepreneurship and doing what you love, but it’s really about how to live your life (and enjoy it).

The video is highly motivational, inspirational, and entertaining. Runs about 15 minutes.

The PR takeaway:

“Listening is not enough. You have to give a shit. Do something about it. You have to care.”

J. Grunig didn’t phrase it quite like this in the excellence model of PR (aka 2-way symmetrical), but that’s what Gary V. is talking about 🙂

What are your takeaways from this video? What ideas stuck with you?

3 thoughts on “There’s no reason in 2008 not to do what you love”

  1. Hopefully soon this type of work will turn into day jobs – I believe this is already beginning – ‘community planning’ positions?

    I was frightened when Gary V. insisted that all the social media tools be used. However, I appreciate the postitive messages even delivered abrasively.

    I also appreciated your linking of to the two-way symetrical model to giving a shit – I had not thought of it in that way.

  2. I see this trend over and over again when I ask successful bloggers, podcasters or content producers how they achieved their success. Every one of them has an incredible passion and commitment, and many of them spend hours a day (often on top of their day jobs) perfecting the craft and connecting with people individually – but the rewards, as I’m sure you have seen for yourself, are amazing.

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