How do you learn?

I just love this ad:


Learning how people learn and then customizing education to fit their needs – we need to recognize that learning today might not be what it was back when people looked to the teacher for all information and guidance.

How do you learn? How does learning happen for you, naturally, outside of the requirements of school? Tell me a story of when you wanted to learn something and you learned it. What motivated you? What did you do to learn? How did you learn? Did you learn? Is that knowledge still with you?

2 thoughts on “How do you learn?”

  1. Wow. Great post. And timely for me. I am working with an educational consultant for my 17 year high school freshman who is looking to find a non traditional learning environment for her college experience. She is so crazy, wonderful and bright (spoken like a true Mom I know), but not a traditional “sit in a classroom” learner. I am a visual person and found that learning for me is much easier when I can express it or play it back graphically. I wish there were more text book authors who used this approach in conveying information.

  2. This may be a “dirty little secret” but I have discovered time and time again that if I have to force myself to learn something in order to teach someone else those skills and ideas stick with me a lot better than if I was just trying to learn for myself.

    Sometimes this involves standing up in front of a group of people to instruct them in a particular skill, sometimes it’s writing an article for print or blog. The simple act of “give away” knowledge somehow helps me retain it better. Their should be more opportunities for students to give back their knowledge instead of just trying to absorb.

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