Research Focus: The Social Internet

This is the course I’ll be teaching at Purdue this Fall. I’m so excited, I can’t wait for the semester to start already! It is a Ph.D. level seminar, open to Master’s students too, open to all departments.

If you’re a Purdue graduate student interested in taking the course and have any questions, feel free to contact me (my Purdue username is my first name, Mihaela. You can figure out the rest).

Thank you, dear friend Rashee of Pulchitrude Graphic Design for the flier!


5 thoughts on “Research Focus: The Social Internet”

  1. I am a graduate student at Purdue and I would like to get more information about this class. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding it in the myPurdue system. What department is offering this class? There doesn’t seem to be a “TECH” department, so I am wondering if it is under another subject. You can write me at [e-mail address]. Thanks!

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