March 15: Adopt the Internet

Today is Adopt the Internet Day – Petfinder invites bloggers to spread the word about animal adoptions.

I’m happy to participate and feature an adoptable pet from the Greater Lafayette, Indiana, area on this blog. But, with so many adoptable pets out there, how can I choose just one?! There are almost 8,000 adoptable animals within a 100 mile radius

I’m picking this one almost randomly (OK, she’s a cat, that’s not random):

From Cricket’s Petfinder profile:

Cricket’s owner died recently, and Cricket needs a new home. She is between 5-7 years old, she’s has had her shots and was recently spayed. She does not like to be with other cats, but is OK with dogs. She is a very tiny girl, with glowing green eyes and the softest fur we’ve ever felt on a cat. We know that her previous owner mistreated her by withholding food, and we suspect other cruelties as well because it takes Cricket a while to trust a new human. Once she trusts you, though, Cricket is the perfect loving kitty who will sleep with you and will sit in your lap for hours, purring like a motorboat. She’s called Cricket because shes always talking to her human, saying chirrup constantly. She’s had a very rough time and deserves a warm, stable home. Can you give it to her?

We kill too many unwanted animals in this country. You have to take a look at this Pawcurious post to get a sense of the scale of animal deaths in the U.S.