What does blogging teach?

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I’ll be honest with you, I used to think that making students blog for a grade is a bad idea. I mean, making them put themselves out there?!

But then I realized that blogging is a necessity – and there’s no other way to learn it. Just like I teach news releases, I have to teach blogging. Just like students have to write news releases, they need to blog, too.

Some students might find out that they hate news releases. Others might find out they hate blogging. I say, it’s better to find out earlier rather than later, so they can adjust their career paths and expectations.

The semester’s coming to an end, and it all of a sudden dawned on me that blogging has taught my students some very important lessons, which will be useful even if they don’t choose to go into PR:

  • articulating thoughts and opinions
  • taking responsibility for thoughts and opinions by making them public
  • attributing ideas through linking
  • networking online, building relationships with like-minded people through commenting & linking

If you have tried blogging, can you tell me in the comments:

What has blogging taught you?

2 thoughts on “What does blogging teach?”

  1. Another impotant aspect of blogging that I’ve learned about is the social nature of blogging. As comments are exchanged, a conversation develops. This dialogue is profoundly important for students and provides them with friendly, amicable feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  2. Blogging’s excellent for that thing educators so admire: reflection.

    It’s not great for chatting with your friends (try IM or Facebook for this); it’s not great for twitch-speed reaction (try Twitter); it’s not the best place for your photos (that’s Flickr) – but it’s a personal publishing platform that’s perfect for your rather more considered thoughts.

    In other words, blogging’s perfect for education.

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